About us

Confectionary factory Stancho Kolev is founded in 1991. The factory is situated in the outskirts of Gabrovo, Bulgaria on an area of 18 000 sq.m. It is equipped with six automated lines for production of chocolates and chocolate bars. A team of technologists, engineers technicians and qualified personnel are employed in the production of high-quality chocolate products. Our monthly production capacity is 1.5 million boxes of chocolates and 3 million chocolate bars.

During the past 25 years we became the leading independent producer of chocolate products in Bulgaria. The variety of boxes of chocolates, luxury boxes, chocolate bars and sugar free and no sugar added chocolate products, make us a preferred supplier for many market establishments in more than 30 countries in the world, such as: USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Portugal, Israel and many others. The assortment of chocolate products that we produce can be systemized in the following categories.

Boxes of chocolates

The factory is specialized in the production of Belgian type, formed chocolates and luxury boxes of chocolates with different weight (112g – 320g), of milk or dark chocolate and different fillings (hazelnut, peanut, truffle, walnut, coffee, coconut and many others). We have the experience and practice in production of chocolate products with the private label of the client.

Chocolate bars

A big part of our production of chocolate bars, is the series KOLEFF XXI, which include a standard milk chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars with nuts and a series of dark chocolate bars, which contributed considerably to the popularity of company “Stancho Kolev”. This is a unique series of dark chocolate bars 100g which offer a taste to chocolate connoisseurs, with different percent cocoa content, namely 50%, 54%, 60%, 72% and 72% with almonds.
The series Koleff 200g chocolate bars: milk, milk with peanuts and dark.
The series Rio chocolate bars with different fillings: caramel, coconut, caramel and nuts.

No sugar added and sugar free chocolate bars

Confectionary factory “Stancho Kolev” has allocated a line for production of no sugar added and sugar free chocolate products, which are produced with a natural replacer to the white sugar, which makes these chocolate products suitable for diabetics, for people which prefer or have to avoid the consumption of sugar and for children.