A new emerging and fast developing aspect of Stancho Kolev’s protfolio are the butque, handmade chocolate products.

These products are manufactured from high quality chocolate containng 57% cocoa. The company can satisfy the most demanding client’s requests and produce a vast range of chocolate products. The company produces any types of chocolate products based on cocoa consistency or milk chocolates alike.

We produce a wide range of chocolate products with any shape and size, our speciality are shaped in different shapes and size varying from handy man tools, house hold items, chocolate toys and many more.

Our agile production technologies and organisation allows the factory to accept and produce any types of client requests based on their own model. Scope, delivery and price of custom made orders will be liaised with the client and dependant on quantity and complexity.

Indicative pricing for custom made chocolate products.

Minimum Order Quantity 100 kilograms.

From To Price
100kg 500kg 14,50 EUR/kg
500kg 1000kg 14,10 EUR/kg
over 1000kg 13,87 EUR/kg